Share your stories and experiences.

To help build a picture of the human cost of service cuts and closures in South Tyneside and Sunderland, we are asking people to tell us about their specific experiences. If we all share our stories, we can build up a picture of the services that are no longer being provided, and demonstrate the harm being done.

We want to know about your positive experiences that support the good work being done by staff and services at South Tyneside Hospital - particularly where those services are currently under threat of downgrading or closure.

We want to know about your negative experiences resulting from the closure of services in South Tyneside. These may be related to the closure of the walk-in centres, palliative care service, stroke services, children's 27/4 A&E, full-maternity, the Special Care Baby Unit etc. Have you been denied treatment by your GP? Have you had trouble getting an appointment with your GP? Have you been charged for treatment, or forced to seek private treatment? Have you experienced ambulance delays? Have you or your loved ones had difficulty travelling to access services that are no longer available locally?

Using the form below, please share a specific positive experience OR negative experience that you have had.