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As our campaign has gathered momentum we have had (and hope to continue to have) support from our two local MPs: Emma Lewell-Buck and Stephen Hepburn.

We have had amazing support from some local councillors and we thank them very much indeed. Most councillors are sincere and dedicated people, but many are not currently engaging with the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign. They are probably unaware of the significance of our rapidly diminishing local health services and the obvious harmful implications for the people they represent. Several months on from the public meeting organised by MP Emma Lewell-Buck, we think there is still a need for members of the public to bring the plight of local health services (and the NHS) into the scope of local councillors.

If you are pushed for time, then may we suggest that you prioritise writing to your local councillors, otherwise please feel free to keep the pressure up on your local MPs. Let your representatives know that we demand an end to the deliberate destruction of the National Health Service.

There is some guidance (further down the page) on what to write to help you get started, as well as links to a web-based service ('Write To Them') dedicated to helping people write to their representatives. The South Tyneside Council website also has a very useful section for finding all the wards and councillors in South Tyneside.

We encourage you to talk to your councillors in person, (most of them hold regular surgeries - see table below) to ask them not to approve the'Sustainability and Transformation Plan' (STP) for the 'footprint' that includes Northumbria, Tyne and Wear and North Durham (NTWND). The plan can't proceed without the council's backing. However, massive and deliberate underfunding by the government has effectively placed a gun to the heads of local health trusts and councils, denying them the money they need to maintain services. It will be harmful to allow the government to impose these STPs, and to date (January 2017) over 20 councils have refused to endorse them. Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign has released a document (PDF) to help explain the problems with the NTWND STP, and provide some technical arguments on which it can be rejected. It's a lose-lose situation! Services are being made unsafe by underfunding, but STPs largely address this by implementing a framework for closing services. What we NEED is funding restored to those services. We are asking local councillors not to acquiesce, but to fight this government corruption by refusing to sign the NTWND STP. Local councillors are ordinary members of the public who represent us. If we accept these changes (which possibly amount to the final straw for the NHS) without a fight - despite health professionals speaking out against them, and evidence to demonstrate the corruption underpinning them - what does that say about the state of our society and democracy?

WardCouncillorsSurgery Time and Location
Beacon and BentsJohn Anglin, Audrey McMillan, John Wood Saturday 11am-12pm at Ocean Road Community Centre

no surgery during August
BedeFay Cunningham, Lee Hughes, Margaret Peacock 3nd Thursday of the month 12:30-1:30pm at Perth Green

Last Wednesday of the month 5-6pm at Low Simonside
Biddick and All SaintsJoe Amar, Olive Punchion, Anne Walsh Last Saturday of the month 10am at Chuter Ede C.A. Galsworthy Road, Biddick Hall.

no surgery during August and December
Boldon CollieryJoanne Bell, Sandra Duncan, Alison Strike Every Tuesday 6pm at the Village Hall next to the ASDA supermarket

no surgery during August and December
Cleadon and East BoldonJoan Atkinson, Margaret Meling, David Townsley 2nd Saturday of the month 10-11am at East Boldon library

There is also a system of 'street surgeries' being used in this ward. Look out for a card through your door from your local councillors asking if you would like meet and discuss any issues.
Cleadon ParkAlexander Donaldson, James Foreman, Susan Traynor 1st Saturday of every month 10-11am at Sutton Trust Hall, Prince Edward Road, South Shields

3rd Saturday of every month 10.30-11.30am at Brinkburn CA, Harton Lane, South Shields
Fellgate and HedworthAudrey Huntley, Geraldine Kilgour, Alan Smith 1st Wednesday of the month (term time only) 5-6pm at Hedworthfield Primary

Last Wednesday of the month 6-7pm at Hedworthfield CA

Last Saturday of the month 10-11am at Calf Close House
HartonRobert Dix, Pat Hay, Neil Maxwell Every Saturday 10-11am at Marsden Road Health and Wellbeing Centre
Hebburn NorthAdam Ellison, Liz McHugh, Richard Porthouse Every second Friday 5-6pm at Community Hall Byron Ave

1st Saturday of the month 10-11am at Hebburn Hub

Every Friday 6-7pm at Hebburn Hub
Hebburn SouthWilf Flynn, Nancy Maxwell, John McCabe Every Friday 6-7pm at Hebburn Hub
Horsley HillEileen Leask, Iain Malcom, Mark Walsh Every Saturday 10am-11am at Marsden Road Health and Wellbeing Centre
MonktonJoan Keegan, Alan Kerr, James Sewell Every Friday 6-7pm at Hebburn Hub
PrimroseJames Perry, Moira Smith, Kenneth Stephenson 1st Tuesday of the month 6-7pm

3rd Saturday of the month 9.30-10:30am at Primrose CA

No surgery during August
Simonside and RekendykeMichael Clare, Edward Malcolm, Lynne Proudlock Last Saturday of every month 10-11am at Lord Blyton School, Blyton Avenue, Shouth Sheilds

Last Saturday of every month 10-11am at The Cave, Captains Row, South Shields

No surgery during August
West ParkNorman Dick, Anne Hetherington, Gladys Hobson Last Saturday of the month 10-11am at Mortimer Community Centre
WestoeKatharine Maxwell, Sheila Stephenson, Allan West Every fortnight on Saturday 11-12am (starting from Saturday 21st January 2017) at Ede House
Whitburn and MarsdenPeter Boyack, Tracey Dixon, Joyce Welsh 1st Friday of every month 6-7pm at Our Place (former Advice Centre), Wellands Lane, Whitburn

4th Saturday of every month 9.30-10.30am at Whitburn Library, Hedworth Terrace, Whitburn
WhiteleasWilliam Brady, Ernest Gibson, Doreen Purvis No regular surgeries are held in this ward. Councillors do conduct 'walkabouts' around the ward and this is advertised in advance, but the recommended way to get in touch is by phone and email. Councillors are always willing to come and visit you.

Please personalise your message as it will have more of an impact. Your message does not need to be long, just a few sentences is fine. The following is a sample message / list of key points that you might like to include and edit.

Dear ...

  • The alliance between South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust and City Hospitals Sunderland is part of a plan to merge acute services.
  • South Tyneside Hospital is facing an immediate threat of loosing acute stroke and maternity services.
  • The alliance plans the removal of all acute services to Sunderland, which will mean that South Tyneside Hospital A & E will become non-viable.
  • Everyone needing acute health care will have to travel to Sunderland.
  • I am concerned about the whole direction in which the NHS is being taken. It is being deliberately and systematically wrecked by fragmentation into purchasers and providers, cut backs and privatisation.
  • Please use your position in [Parliament / as an elected representative] to safeguard the future of South Tyneside Hospital and its acute emergency services.

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