Pharmacy 2U
Last Updated: March, 2019

Parmacy 2U is an on-line pharmacist advertising discreet and confidential services. It was fined £130-thousand for causing substantial damage and distress by selling information provided by more than 20,000 patients when they registered to use Pharmacy 2U services.

This information included name, date of birth, sex, postal and email addresses, together with a list of health conditions patients might suffer from.

The Pharmacy 2U database lists were advertised for rental at a cost of £130 per 1000 records. 20% of Pharmacy 2U is owned by EMIS, the company that provides computer systems to many GPs.

One company that bought records from Pharmacy 2U was operating a lottery from Australia while under investigation for fraud and money laundering. This company obtained the records of 3,000 men aged 70 or above - perhaps assuming a significant number of these to be frail or vulnerable - who were then targeted as specially selected to win millions of dollars.