Junior Doctors Contract
Last Updated: March, 2019

The aim of this contract (imposed by then Secretary of State for Health  Jeremy Hunt ) was to remove safeguards that prevent junior doctors from working hours in excess of the European Working Time Directive. It did this by redefining anti-social hours thus reducing pay banding for late evenings and weekends.

This was sold to the public as providing for a  7-day NHS . In reality the new contract endangered patient safety.

In essence, the new junior doctor contract is about the redesign of the workforce to bring down the wage bill. This is intended to pave the way for privatisation because the wage bill is the most expensive overhead of any organisation.

The British Medical Association (BMA)

The BMA - the doctors union - capitulated to the government after a year of strike action (it was the largest industrial action of the 21st Century).

It is worth noting that the BMA was originally against the setting up of the NHS. Aneurin Bevan (the founder of the NHS) said that had been forced to stuff their mouths with gold.

The BMA Junior Doctor Committee chairperson Johann Malawana set up The Healthcare Leadership Academy, appointing Conservative health minister Dan Poulter, former New Labour shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander (who if you don't know is pro-privatisation), and Lord Patel who headed the NHS Sustainability Committee.

In response to the capitulatin of the BMA, five junior doctors going by the name of Justice for Health co-founded by Dr Ben White took the Government to the High Court. Dr White said that it had been eye-opening to encounter a whole new world in which nobody tells the truth, nothing is as it seems and evidence does not mean anything. Their evidence based approach did not succeed against Government ideology.