Equity and Excellence: Liberating The NHS
Last Updated: March, 2019

Liberating the NHS is a 'white paper' written by Andrew Lansley that 'tore-up' both Tory and Lib-Dem manifesto promises before the 2010 general election - No more top-down reorganisations and We'll cut the deficit not the NHS. The paper was published on 12th July 2010, and set out plans for the largest wholesale top-down re-disorganisation of the NHS in its history, accompanied by plans to save £20-billion from the NHS budget by 2015 - dubbed the  Nicholson Challenge .

The proposals were excused with lies that the NHS was not working and unaffordable. Despite two decades of marketisation the NHS was surviving, working well, and surveys showed extremely high levels of patient satisfaction. The NHS was not fundamentally broken and there was no justification for the proposed reforms. The NHS budget in 2010 was the lowest of the G7 countries (9.2 percent of GDP - see  Big Picture - NHS Funding ), we already had fewer doctors per capita than the other 27 EU nations (lower even than Bulgaria and Estonia) and we already had fewer beds per person than almost any country in the western world.

Modest estimates suggest that ending the  internal market  would have saved the NHS a staggering £10-billion a year, instead Lansley's white paper formed the basis for the  Health and Social Care Bill