Direct Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party
Last Updated: March, 2019

This is a booklet that was co-authored by  Jeremy Hunt  in 2005 before he was appointed as Secretary of State for Health in September 2012. The book calls for the denationalisation of the NHS, and for it to be replaced with an insurance system. Other contributors to the book include Douglas Carswell (of UKIP), and Conservative MPs; Michael Gove, Daniel Hannan, Greg Clark, David Gauke and Kwasi Kwarteng.

The booklet is a work of pure propaganda or incompetence. It makes the prediction that by 2010 the NHS, due to its publicly run, publicly provided design, will be one of the most expensive health services in the world. As of 2019, despite decades of wrecking, the NHS still remains one of the most cost effective (See  Commonwealth Fund ). Public ownership and provision has been proven to be the most efficient and safe way to provide health services AND it is the only way to maintain a commitment to real care rather than profit. As  Professor Stephen Hawking  has said The most humane system is the most efficient system.


...In five years' time Britain will have one of the most expensive health services in the world, but one which still fails to meet public expectations. The problem with the NHS is not one of resources. Rather, it is that the system remains a centrally run, state monopoly, designed over half a century ago.
...Rather than a lack of resources, the reason for the NHS's poor performance lies in its structure. The NHS was designed over half a century ago, at a time of rationing and deep poverty. It was, and remains, a child of its time, conceived on the principle that the beneficent state should be a monopoly provider.