Connecting for Health
Last Updated: March, 2019

Connecting for Health was an IT project commissioned by he Department for Health in 2003 to automatically upload GP records to the  Summary Care Record  database.

The project encountered difficulties in 2006 when after having received over £2-billion from the NHS budget, the consultancy running the project - Accenture - pulled out of its contract, walking away with £900-million of the money it had been given. The Director General of NHS IT at the time was a man called Richard Granger (who, amusingly, failed his Computer Studies course at Bristol University). Granger had the power to get that money back from Accenture, but it is likely that his previous role with Accenture (when 'Accenture' was known as 'Anderson Consulting') along with his £285-thousand a year salary may have had something to do with his inaction.

In the end Connecting for Health failed, but it cost the NHS £12.4-billion (with some putting the overall cost nearer £30-billion).

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