Last Updated: April, 2019

Carillion (created in 1999) was a British multinational facilities management and construction services company. During its time it had been given many public sector infrastructure and service contracts. It went into liquidation in 2018, costing the taxpayer over £150-million, after which the Unite union called for a criminal investigation into the behaviours of Carillion's management. Like many other multinational, giants its legacy stands as a testament to the folly and corruption of putting profit maximising corporations in charge of vital public assets and services.

At the time of its collapse, Carillion was delivering  Private Finance Initiative  contracts for several hospitals. This led to the stalling of the £335-million Royal Liverpool Hospital and £350-million Midlands Metropolitan Hospital - an issue that after months of concern that the projects would fail to be completed, required a government bailout in September and August (2018) respectively, and with the Midlands facility opening four years late.

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