Alan Milburn
Last Updated: March, 2019

Alan Milburn was MP for Darlington from 1992-2010. He was one of the chief architects (advised by  Simon Stevens ) of  NHS Plan 2000 , which opened the English NHS to private clinical provision.

Milburn pushed through many of the  Private Finance Initiative  deals that are devastating hospitals up and down the country today, and he was behind the idea to turn hospitals into  Foundation Trusts  gradually forcing them to operate like businesses.

He went on to become a consultant to 'Bridgepoint' a venture capital firm involved in financing health care firms moving into the NHS, including Alliance Medical, Match Group, Medica and  Care UK .

In 2013 he was appointed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) - one of the worlds largest accountancy and consultancy firms - to head up its Board overseeing health care practice. He is on the record saying:

The health industry in the UK offers strong opportunities for growth in the wider economy and for PwC. My aim is to bring together a panel of industry experts to help catalyse change across the health sector and to help PwC grow its presence in the health market.