Saturday 1st October 2016

Jarrow March 80th Anniversary

The campaign received another boost when we attended the rally and celebration at Monkton Stadium marking the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March. In addition to continuing the success of our many previous stalls by collecting a further 514 signatures (including Jeremy Corbyn's) for the petition, we also received many donations, and most importantly we met with and had discussions with a great many people.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke in support of our campaign and other campaigns fighting against austerity and the destruction of public services such as the NHS and our hospital. You can see some (but unfortunately not all) of his speech below:

Jeremy Corbyn pointed out that the Jarrow March united everyone regardless of political views in the fight for a better future for the working class. The example of the Jarrow March shows us what the people of South Tyneside are capable of. The Jarrow March continues to be an inspirational act of solidarity, that is why we thought this rally and celebration was so important in uniting all the MPs and political forces in the area, and giving the SSTHC such support and prominence.


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