Campaign news and articles including reports from events, meetings & actions.

Response to the February 2023 CQC report on South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust
Wednesday 1st March 2023
Our response to the damning CQC report (from 2nd February 2023) concerning South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust.

Protest against the continued closure of the midwife-led birthing unit at South Tyneside Hospital
Tuesday 14th June 2022
SSTHC held a lunchtime protest outside the Harton Lane entrance of South Tyneside Hospital, against the continued closure of the midwife-led birthing unit, which has been shut since January 2022.

SOS NHS National Day of Action
Saturday 26th February 2022
Campaigners from SSTHC participated in the SOS NHS National Day of Action in order to raise awareness of the 2021 Health and Care Bill, which is designed to implement the crucial (if not final) stage of the 30-year process of privatising the NHS.

Our petition "No to the Downgrading of South Tyneside Hospital" has been presented to Parliament
Wednesday 9th June 2021
On June 9th a deputation of 16 people from South Tyneside and Sunderland representing over 44,000 people who had signed our petition, handed the petition over to our local MPs for official presentation to the Westminster Parliament.

Our petition "No to the Downgrading of South Tyneside Hospital" is being presented to Parliament
Thursday 3rd June 2021
On June 9th a deputation from South Tyneside & Sunderland are going to Parliament to hand in the petition signed by 44-thousand in South Tyneside and Sunderland against downgrading and privatisation of our hospital services.

Closure of Vital Hospital Services is Not in Our Name
Saturday 1st May 2021
SSTHC continues to fight for local services while the government has lavished 37-billion pounds (so far) on failed private contractors associated with their friends.

Nurses Pay Upsurge
Saturday 8th August 2020
SSTHC joined about 400 people - comprising mostly of nurses and health care workers - as they marched through Newcastle Upon Tyne in protest of continuing disregard for them and our NHS by the government.

Keep the Heartbeat Going!
Friday 3rd July 2020
To mark the 72nd birthday of the NHS, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with ongoing privatisation and a potentially disastrous trade bill in the pipeline, we invited people to demonstrate their united appreciation for the NHS, and to share their thoughts on what it means to 'Keep the Heartbeat Going'.

Assessing Where We Are in the Fight to Make Health Care a Right for All
Tuesday 12th May 2020
Assessment of where we are within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with regard to the work of those who have been fighting to save hospital services, and to make health care a right for all that is guaranteed.

International Workers Memorial Day | 2020
Tuesday 28th April 2020
Statement on behalf of the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign, together with statements from Unison South Tyneside Health Branch, and Unite the Union North East Health Branch.

NHS Winter Crisis Day of Action
Saturday 15th February 2020
Despite the relative media quiet, this is currently the worst winter crisis on record.

Court of Appeal Reserves Judgement
Tuesday 19th November 2019
An update on our appeal case heard in the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Tuesday 23rd July 2019
A public meeting and discussion with Professor Allyson Pollock (Director of the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University), held at the Brinkburn Community Centre.

"Path to Excellence" Phase-2 Funding
Thursday 18th July 2019
Our response to the request by health chiefs to get South Tyneside and Sunderland councils to finance the capital programme of "Path to Excellence" phase-2.

Our Comments and Questions on the Working Ideas for Phase-2
Tuesday 2nd April 2019
Our comments and questions submitted to South Tyneside CCG regarding their latest "working ideas" for Phase-2 of the "Path to Excellence".

Where We Are & Going Into 2019
Sunday 13th January 2019
A brief summary of our campaign up to this point as we take stock and plan for 2019.

Submissions to South Tyneside CCG Listening Panel
Tuesday 11th December 2018
The SSTHC presentation, plus submissions from KONP Sunderland and District - given to the South Tyneside CCG listening panel in response to phase-2 of hospital service downgrades.

Response to National Survey on ICP Contracting
Tuesday 23rd October 2018
Our response to the national NHS England (sham) consultation on contracting arrangements for Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) - August 3rd to October 26th. ICPs approximate the U.S. HMO model of health service provision.

Response to Announced Merger Between STFT and CHS
Monday 24th September 2018
Our response to the “merger” between South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust and City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust that was announced on the 30th of July 2018.

Fundraisers and Celebrations | Summer-2018
Wednesday 1st August 2018
The campaign has been working hard throughout the summer to spread awareness, build solidarity, and raise funds for our legal battle. Some important events have included the LAfFalAnG Comedy Fundraiser, the NHS 70th Anniversary Dinner, and the 134th Durham Miners' Gala.

National March and Rally for #ourNHS70
Saturday 30th June 2018
70 years after the creation of the NHS, Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign joined thousands at a national march and rally in London to celebrate what the NHS has given us, to draw attention to the ongoing dismantling of the NHS, and to call for its reinstatement.

Taking Our Fight to Westminster
Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Following the referral - of the decision to downgrade services at South Tyneside Hospital - to the Secretary of State, we took the opportunity to bring slightly more attention to the campaign by meeting with MPs, PMQs, and BBC & ITN journalists.

North East March and Rally for the NHS | 2018
Saturday 10th March 2018
We joined this year's regional march and rally organised by KONP North East. Actors Stephen Tompkinson and Denis Lawson also gave their support at the rally.

Pending Decision on 'Path to Excellence' Consultation Phase-1
Friday 16th February 2018
Protest outside South Tyneside Hospital days before CCG announce their decision on hospital services, meanwhile solicitors acting for SSTHC have issued a warning to the CCG, stating that decisions based upon the inadequate consultation for phase-1 of the 'Path to Excellence' will be unlawful.

Protests Against Maternity and SCBU Closure
Friday 8th December 2017
Protests against the sudden 'temporary' closure of SCBU and maternity services at South Tyneside Hospital.

South Tyneside March and Rally | 2017
Saturday 14th October 2017
Hundreds of people from South Tyneside and Sunderland took part in the people's second march and rally in South Shields against the downgrading and closure of acute services at South Tyneside District Hospital.

Mini-March to Save Children's A&E
Saturday 7th October 2017
About one hundred mums, dads, grandparents and their children took part in a mini-march around South Shields Marine Park to demonstrate their anger at proposals to downgrade consultant-led children's A&E from 24/7 to 12 hours.

Public Meeting at Hedworthfield Community Centre | September-2017
Friday 15th September 2017
Our second public meeting of 2017 in response to the 'Path to Excellence' consultation. Convened at Hedworthfield Community Centre and chaired by Stephen Hepburn MP (Jarrow), with guest speaker Professor Allyson Pollock.

Joint Health Scrutiny Committee
Monday 4th September 2017
Questions, comments and evidence presented at the South Tyneside and Sunderland Joint Health Scrutiny Committee meeting.

Public Meeting at Brinkburn Community Centre | July-2017
Friday 21st July 2017
Our first public meeting of 2017 in response to the 'Path to Excellence' consultation. Convened at Brinkburn Community Centre and chaired by Emma Lewell-Buck MP (South Shields).

Response to Consultation Phase-1
Tuesday 4th July 2017
We have been taking part in the consultation meetings organised by the South Tyneside CCG. We have been saying that not only will the closure of these services impact upon the prompt and safe treatment of people in South Tyneside, they will also be harmful to people in Sunderland.

NHS Post Election Reflections
Monday 3rd July 2017
A public lecture given by Professor Allyson Pollock at the Newcastle Mining Institute, Neville Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We are grateful for the clear and evidenced account of the key events and methods in the 30 year stealth privatisation of the NHS leading up to the present situation.

Naylor Report and HSJ Cuts Revelation
Monday 22nd May 2017
Theresa May's manifesto pledge to support the recommendations of the Naylor Report will result in the largest NHS property sell-off ever. At the same time the government has told NHS England to 'think the unthinkable' regarding the extent of cuts and closures.

South Tyneside May Day Rally and Celebration | 2017
Monday 1st May 2017
On Monday May First, the May Day Rally and Celebration took place in South Tyneside. Some 35 local activists attended this annual event, held this year at the Alberta Club in Jarrow.

National March and Rally for #ourNHS
Saturday 4th March 2017
We joined thousands of other NHS campaigners at a national march and rally for the NHS organised by Health Campaigns Together.

North East March and Rally for the NHS | 2017
Saturday 4th February 2017
We joined other campaigners and local campaign groups at a regional march and rally for the NHS, co-hosted by KONP North East and The North East People's Assembly.

KONP Campaign Workshop
Saturday 12th November 2016
Report from the 'Workshop for Health Campaigners' organised by Keep Our NHS Public - North East. It includes a presentation by Dr Louise Irvine from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign

Response to STP
Friday 11th November 2016
Our briefing and responses to the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and North Durham “Sustainability & Transformation Plan” following its publication on the 9th of November 2016.

Call to Publish STP
Thursday 3rd November 2016
We delivered our open letter calling for the publication of the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, and North Durham “Sustainability & Transformation Plan”.

SSTHC Supports Footprints March
Saturday 29th October 2016
Several members of our campaign gave their support to the Footprints March organised by 999 Call for the NHS. Shirley Ford delivered a message of solidarity on behalf of our campaign.

First March to Defend Our Hospital and NHS
Saturday 22nd October 2016
The Start We Need to Safeguard the Future of the NHS

Jarrow March 80th Anniversary
Saturday 1st October 2016
The campaign received another boost when we attended the rally and celebration at Monkton Stadium marking the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March.

First Public Meeting
Monday 15th August 2016
Our first public meeting calls to build the campaign so that acute and emergency services remain at South Tyneside Hospital.


  • Angela HamiltonAngela Hamilton

    Independent Councillor for Beacon and Bents
  • Bethany ElenBethany Elen

    North East Socialist Singers (NESS)
  • Caroline Lucas MPCaroline Lucas MP

    First leader of the Green Party, and co-leader from 2016-2018
  • Chi Onwurah MPChi Onwurah MP

    for Newcastle North
  • Claire WilliamsClaire Williams

    Secretary Unison Northern Region
  • Colin SmithColin Smith

    GMB - Britain's General Union
  • David DonoghueDavid Donoghue

    Branch Chair of Unite the Union - South of Tyne
  • David FrancisDavid Francis

    Green Party Councillor for Beacon and Bents
  • David McKechnieDavid McKechnie

    Save Rothbury Cottage Hospital
  • Dennis LawsonDennis Lawson

    Actor - Bleak House, Local Hero, New Tricks, Star Wars
  • Dr. Louise IrvineDr. Louise Irvine

    Chair of the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
  • Dr. Nigel SpeightDr. Nigel Speight

    Keep Our NHS Public - Durham
  • Dr. Pam WortleyDr. Pam Wortley

    Keep Our NHS Public - Sunderland & District
  • Emma BrittainEmma Brittain

    North East People's Assembly
  • Emma Lewell-Buck MPEmma Lewell-Buck MP

    for South Shields
  • Gail WardGail Ward

    Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)
  • Gemma TaylorGemma Taylor

    Coordinator of Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign
  • Geoff AbbotGeoff Abbot

    Stand Up to Racism
  • Jeremy Corbyn MPJeremy Corbyn MP

    Former Leader of the Labour Party
  • John BryanJohn Bryan

    National Support Officer for University and College Union
  • John McCabeJohn McCabe

    Labour Councillor for Hebburn South
  • John McDonnell MPJohn McDonnell MP

    Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • John WhalleyJohn Whalley

    Secretary of Keep Our NHS Public - North East
  • Julie Elliot MPJulie Elliot MP

    for Sunderland Central
  • Karen ReayKaren Reay

    Unite Regional Secretary
  • Kate Osborne MPKate Osborne MP

    for Jarrow
  • Keith VenablesKeith Venables

    National Secretary of Health Campaigns Together
  • Laura MurrellLaura Murrell

    Keep Our NHS Public - Sunderland & District
  • Linda HobsonLinda Hobson

    Unison Deputy Convenor - Northern Region
  • Marion LangleyMarion Langley

    Staff Side Chair and Unison Branch Secretary - South Tyneside District Hospital
  • Michael ApplebyMichael Appleby

    Chairperson of the Royal College of Nursing Northern Regional Board
  • Mo AbuzahraMo Abuzahra

    Chair of Unison Northern Region International Committee
  • Norman HallNorman Hall

    Socialist Party
  • Peter BowerPeter Bower

    Co-Chair - Health Watch South Tyneside
  • Prof. Allyson PollockProf. Allyson Pollock

    Director of the Institute of Health and Society
  • Rachael SageRachael Sage

    Keep Our NHS Public - North East
  • Roger NettleshipRoger Nettleship

    Chair of Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign
  • Ron BrownRon Brown

    North East Socialist Singers (NESS)
  • Sarah CarpenterSarah Carpenter

    Health Branch National Officer - Unite the Union
  • Sharon Hodgson MPSharon Hodgson MP

    for Washington & Sunderland West
  • Shirley FordShirley Ford

    North East Green Party Coordinator & spokesperson for South Tyneside Transport Users Group
  • Stephen HepburnStephen Hepburn

    Former MP for Jarrow
  • Steven TompkinsonSteven Tompkinson

    Actor from Stockton - Drop the Dead Donkey, Ballykissangel, DCI Banks, Brassed Off
  • Walter ArmstrongWalter Armstrong

    President of the Jarrow Conservative Association
  • William JarrettWilliam Jarrett

    Save North Tyneside NHS