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Regular Meeting

We try to meet once a fortnight to discuss our campaign and the situation jeopardising our health services. Anyone wishing to support our campaign and protect our health service is most welcome to attend.

Our next meeting is Monday 22nd July at 6:30pm in the Alberta Social Club next to Jarrow Metro station.
A discussion with Professor Allyson Pollock
Tuesday 23rd July
Brinkburn Community Centre

Professor Allyson Pollock is one of the foremost authorities on the health care system in the UK. She has a deep understanding of the original 1948 vision for a National Health Service, the limitations of that vision and the many "reforms" that it has been subject to since. On this, she has published many papers, articles and books. Professor Pollock is one of the architects of the NHS Reinstatement Bill (a parliamentary bill intended to reinstate the English NHS after it was principally abolished in 2012). She is one of five claimants (including Professor Stephen Hawking) who took the government to court in an attempt to stop the implementation of U.S. style Accountable Care Organisations in England.

It is partly because of the proximity of Professor Pollock's current base at Newcastle University, that we have felt able - and have been lucky enough - to persuade her to come to South Tyneside for one more public engagement. This is therefore a rare opportunity for people in South Tyneside, and it is a chance for anyone who cares about our vital health services - local and national - to find out what is really going on.

This will not be a dry academic lecture! There will be an accessible presentation (with slides and videos) outlining the origins of the NHS, how it has been transformed, and the driving forces behind these changes. Most importantly, there will be time for a discussion, where you can get quality comprehensive answers to your questions about related local and national issues.

You might like to ask about the changes to health services in South Tyneside and Sunderland, comparing the official perspective of the so called “Path to Excellence” with the analysis and context given by Professor Pollock. Perhaps you have had a bad experience with social care, mental health or other services, and want to better understand why some services are dysfunctional. You might want to ask about the extra money the government is supposedly putting into the health service, or following President Trump's recent comments, you may want to know why the U.S.A. is interested in our health service.

You don't have to be very old to remember a time when most towns in England with a general hospital did not have a campaign fighting for the retention of vital health services. This event is your chance to join-the-dots and really understand why South Tyneside - like so many other places - has this campaign to save its local hospital, and to find out how you can help.

This event is FREE, and you don't need to book, but it helps the organisers a little if they have some idea of the number of people to expect, so please register your interest at:


The entrance to Brinkburn Community Centre is off Harton Lane. If you have not been to the Brinkburn Community Centre before, be aware that the entrance is easy to miss. The centre has ample free parking.

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We also recommend that you look at the Keep Our NHS Public - North East events page for information about other regional and national events that may not be listed here.
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